Who left nbc4 news? (2023)

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Who is leaving NBC4?

Pat Collins, the veteran NBC 4 reporter, will be retiring after nearly 50 years in journalism.

What is Barbara Harrison doing now?

Veteran Anchor and Reporter at NBC4. Founder of Wednesday'sChild,Kids Speak Out, Champion for Children'sNationalHospital.

How old is Chuck Henry NBC?

Where is Toni Guinyard?

Toni Guinyard, an Emmy award winning journalist, joined NBC4 as a general assignment reporter in 2006. She can be seen every morning on Today in L.A. from 4 to 7 a.m. and the NBC4 News at 11 a.m.

Who is the new girl on Channel 4 news?

Marius Payton joined WSMV4 in 2021 as the station's Monday-Friday evening news anchor.

Where is Melissa Mollet?

Melissa lives in Maryland with her husband, Jake, and children Brennan, Barrett and Colette.

Where is Molette Green from?

Green has been covering news in her hometown of Washington, D.C., for more than 25 years. She has been recognized with an EMMY Award for her work on NBC4's newscasts.

Is Barbara Harrison married?

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin in Ireland. Barbara is married with three children, two daughters and a son.

Is Pat Collins retiring?

retiring. The veteran Washington TV reporter — known for his quirky style and dramatic pauses — will end his 36-year run at station NBC4 and nearly 50-year TV career this month, he said Wednesday.

How old is Colleen Williams?

Who is Colleen Williams husband?

Who is Colleen Williams married to?

Where did Christa dubill go?

Blue KC is excited to announce Christa Dubill is our new Vice President, Chief Communications Officer. Christa brings over 20 years of award-winning communications experience, including 12 years as a news anchor at KSHB-TV.

Why did Kim Adams leave Channel 4?

Adams left WDIV and local TV to become a full-time mother to her five kids in 2009. She's been working in radio since 2019. The station said she'll appear on all of the station's main content platforms starting August 8.

Is Holly Thompson still with WSMV?

Holly Thompson is a nine-time Emmy Award and multiple Associated Press award-winning journalist who's ready to wake you up in the mornings! She co-anchors WSMV4 Today and also anchors WSMV4 at Noon. She produces and reports special reports and news segments throughout the year.

Where is Matt Barnes NBC4 from?

As a native of Columbus, being out and about in the community is very important to him. He is an avid volunteer and supporter of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus. He also serves as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio and was named the Ohio 2020 Big Brother of the Year.

Where is Jummy Olabanji from?

A native of Fairfax County, Olabanji has spent most of her life in Virginia, graduating from Westfield High School in Chantilly and Virginia Tech. She earned a Master's degree in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University. Olabanji started her journalism career as an intern for NBC4.

Where is Andrea Henderson from?

Andrea Henderson joined the NBC4 morning team in the Fall of 2020, but she is no stranger to the Buckeye State. Andrea grew up in Northeast Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism.

Where is Eden Checkol from?

📍: Miami. 🏠: Minnesota native. 🇪🇹: Ethiopian-American.

Is Shawn Yancy on Channel 4 News?

Shawn Yancy is an evening anchor at NBC4. She joined the station in 2021. Yancy and her family moved to the Washington, D.C., area in 2001, when she began working at WTTG-TV. Her second day of work was Sept.

Who is Pat Lawson Muse married to?

A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Muse lives in Prince George's County Maryland with her husband, former Maryland State Senator C. Anthony Muse.

How old is Doreen Gentzler on Channel 4?

Gentzler, 65, broke the news herself on the 6 p.m. newscast on WRC (known as NBC4), where she has anchored since 1989.

Does Barbara Harrison have children?

Left with three children, Harrison juggled both career and family.

Is Barbara Ciara still married?

She has provided analysis on CNN, CBS News, XM Radio, National Public Radio and the Tom Joyner Morning Show in addition to providing quotes for the New York Times and the Washington Post, among other news outlets. Ciara is married to her husband, Arthur Jarrett, Jr.

How old is Pat Collins on Channel 4 news?

The big picture: Collins, 76, reported on everything from crime to the quirky.

How long has Pat Collins been on NBC?

By Maggie More • Published December 21, 2022 • Updated on December 21, 2022 at 11:00 am. After 50 years on the air and 36 years with NBC4 Washington, legendary reporter Pat Collins is retiring.

How old is Kathy Vara?

How much does Chuck Henry make?

Chuck Henry net worth and salary: Chuck Henry is an American journalist who has a net worth of $3 million.
Chuck Henry Net Worth.
Net Worth:$3 Million
Salary:$400 Thousand
Date of BirthJan 1, 1946 (77 years old)
Place of BirthLos Angeles
2 more rows

What is Coleen Christie doing now?

Coleen Christie is an award-winning, television news anchor with more than 25 years of experience behind the anchor desk. She hosts Global News at Noon, and regularly fills in on Global News at 5, the News Hour at 6 and Global National.

When did Tom Williams leave Wnep?

A popular morning anchor at WNEP in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, has called it quits after nearly 30 years with the station in order to run for political office. Tom Williams, who has co-anchored “Newswatch 16 This Morning” since 1996, abruptly left the station Friday, March 18, 2022.

Why was Bob Nunnally off?

Bob Nunnally, a meteorologist for NBC4, has received support from the network and community after he had to take time away from the show to undergo cancer treatments.

Why did Bryan Williams quit?

MSNBC President Rashida Jones said in a note to staff last month that Williams would leave at the end of the year to “spend time with his family.” She added that Williams broke “countless” major stories and attracted top journalists to his programs.

Is Darlene Hill leaving Channel 4?

Darlene resigned her position here at NBC4, effective Thursday, July 1. She told colleagues and fans how much she wanted to be back in Chicago. We are grateful for her contributions to our team over these past few years and wish her well as she moves forward.

Where is Shomari Stone going?

About. Shomari Stone joined CNBC in April 2022 as a CNBC General Assignment Reporter for “The News with Shepard Smith,” based at the network's Washington, D.C. bureau. In December, he started reporting on NBC News Now and MSNBC. Stone, an Emmy and Edward R.

What illness does Bob Nunnally have?

Last month, Bob caught up with his “NBC4 Today” coworkers Monica Day and Matt Barnes. The trio talked about the forecaster's life and recovery since being diagnosed with cancer.

Does JYM Ganahl have health issues?

Doctors revived him, and he spent the next week in intensive care. Ganahl had gained 90 pounds in the months preceding his heart failure, he said, and suffered shortness of breath. “Those are classic signs of congestive heart failure, but I didn't realize it at the time,” he said.

Did Jym Ganahl retire?

I actually retired on my 50th anniversary of doing weather but was so bored and depressed for the year after, I just knew I had to do it again. At 73 years old, I still feel 17 bringing weather folklore and knowledge to everyone.

Is Brian Williams going to CBS?

“With all of our recent hires, Bob Costa joining, and today's streaming launch, it's no surprise people are wondering who's coming to CBS News next,” an unnamed CBS executive told CNN. “But Brian Williams is not going to be doing the Evening News. End of story.”

What is going on with Brian Williams?

Williams announced last month he would be leaving NBC News after 28 years at the network and six years after losing the job as the peacock's top anchor. Brian Williams signed off his MSNBC show "The 11th Hour" for the final time Thursday, a quarter-century after he helped launch the network.

Who will host The 11th Hour after Brian Williams?

MSNBC names Stephanie Ruhle to succeed Brian Williams as host of 'The 11th Hour' and will also expand 'Morning Joe' to four hours.

What is Erica Hill doing?

Erica Ruth Hill-Yount is an American journalist who works for CNN. She serves as a primary substitute anchor and a correspondent.

Did Doreen Gentzler retire?

Gentzler anchored WRC's 6pm news alongside veteran anchor Jim Vance for 28 years – a partnership that lasted until Vance's death in July 2017. On October 28, 2022, she announced her retirement on the 6pm news. Her last newscast was on November 23, 2022.

How old is Darlene Hill?

Where is Somara Theodore now?

Somara Theodore - Weekend Meteorologist - NBC 4 Washington Brand Studio | LinkedIn.

Who is Shomari Stone wife?

Shomari Stone has been married to Kristal Southern since 3 July 2016. They have two children.

Who is Aaron Gilchrist?

Aaron Gilchrist - Anchor - NBC News | LinkedIn.

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