How far is Fresno for LA? (2023)

How far apart are Fresno and Los Angeles?

Distance between Los Angeles and Fresno is 330 kilometers (205 miles). Driving distance from Los Angeles to Fresno is 352 kilometers (219 miles).

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How long is it from Fresno to LA on car?

There are 205.12 miles from Fresno to Los Angeles in southeast direction and 219 miles (352.45 kilometers) by car, following the CA 99 route. Fresno and Los Angeles are 3 hours 22 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop . This is the fastest route from Fresno, CA to Los Angeles, CA.

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How far is LA from Fresno by plane?

How long does a flight from Fresno to Los Angeles take? Direct flights cover the 209 miles separating Fresno to Los Angeles in about 1h 23m.

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What is between LA and Fresno?

The top cities between Los Angeles and Fresno are Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Beverly Hills, and Malibu. Santa Monica is the most popular city on the route — it's less than an hour from Los Angeles and 3 hours from Fresno.

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Is Fresno closer to LA?

Fresno is near the geographic center of California, approximately 220 miles (350 km) north of Los Angeles, 170 miles (270 km) south of the state capital, Sacramento, and 185 miles (300 km) southeast of San Francisco.

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Is Fresno a big or small city?

Fresno is the fifth largest city in California and the metropolitan hub for the Central Valley. Located in the heart of California, Fresno is an agricultural center for the world. There is spectacular retail.

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What city is 3 hours away from Los Angeles?

San Diego

San Diego is a three-hour drive from Los Angeles and offers beautiful weather year-round plus an amazing range of things to see and do.

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Is Fresno cheaper than Los Angeles?

Fresno is also four times cheaper than living in San Francisco and two times cheaper than living in Los Angeles. With a cost of living that is only 6% higher than the national average, affordability is Fresno's middle name. This affordability makes the city such a great place to live.

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Is Fresno a good place to live?

Fresno is a big city with a lot to do, see, and experience. The coast is a short 2 hours to the west and the mountains are a short 2 hours to the east, making Fresno an ideal location. However, the crime rate is high making Fresno an unsafe city to live. Crime rate and homeless are still high.

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Is Fresno a cheap place to live?

Cost of living

Fresno is one of the cheapest cities to live in, in California. On average, people make about $69,647 per year which is sufficient for living happily in this city, as per the latest expense indexes for 2022, the average expenses can be much higher in LA and SF.

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How long does it take to get to Fresno to Los Angeles?

How long is the drive from Fresno, CA to Los Angeles, CA? The total driving time is 3 hours, 23 minutes.

Is Fresno California expensive to live?

Fresno is the largest city in the agricultural Central Valley, and has historically been one of the most affordable places to live in California.

How far is Fresno for LA? (2023)
What percent of Fresno is Mexican?

Race & Ethnicity

The largest Fresno racial/ethnic groups are Hispanic (50.0%) followed by White (25.9%) and Asian (13.9%).

Why is it called Fresno?

Fresno in Spanish signifies “ash tree” and it was because of the abundance of mountain ash or ash trees in the county that it received its name.

What cities are 2 hours away from Fresno?

Cities 2 hours from Fresno
  • 2 hours: Tracy, CA.
  • 1 hr 59 min: Hollister, CA.
  • 1 hr 58 min: Cedar Grove, CA.
  • 1 hr 57 min: McKittrick, CA.
  • 1 hr 57 min: Conner, CA.
  • 1 hr 56 min: Paso Robles, CA.
  • 1 hr 55 min: Coulterville, CA.
  • 1 hr 55 min: Lathrop, CA.

Why is Fresno so popular?

Although it's in the heart of California's most productive agricultural region, Fresno is also a sophisticated city of gorgeous gardens and parks, with a vibrant creative community and one unforgettable (and underground) attraction you won't find anywhere else.

What's Fresno famous for?

Known for its agricultural bounty, it is home to 1.88 million acres of the world's most productive farmland. Fresno County has more than 7,000 hotel rooms and many state-of-the-art sporting and meeting venues.

Is Fresno a part of Cali?

Fresno, city, seat (1874) of Fresno county, central California, U.S. The town site—located in the San Joaquin Valley, about 190 miles (305 km) southeast of San Francisco—was settled in 1872 as a station on the Central (later Southern) Pacific Railroad.

Is Fresno a nice place to live?

The cultural diversity is very good and there are a bunch of friendly people who just want to live out their lives here as well. Definitely one of the best cities in California and we are one of the top agricultural and farming cities in the world. I like how Fresno has a lot of opportunities to grow.

What is Fresno best known for?

Fresno is famous for its agriculture, packed with farmland rich in vibrant produce of all kinds. But there's more than just planting! Historical sites, natural attractions, museums, and art attractions make up the many exciting tourist offerings in the city.

Is Fresno famous for anything?

Known for its agricultural bounty, it is home to 1.88 million acres of the world's most productive farmland. Fresno County has more than 7,000 hotel rooms and many state-of-the-art sporting and meeting venues.

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