'Bargain Block' Recap: Minimalist and Dollhouse (2023)

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Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas add a minimal design to a new house

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The boys are at it again! Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, the personal and professional partners who take some of the most rundown houses on Detroit’s northwest side and transform them into stunners, serve up two more remarkable makeovers this episode. The couple purchased the Dollhouse for $25,000 and set a reno budget of $80,000. But they didn’t originally intend to sell this one. Instead, they planned to reno the home, which was a duplex, and rent it out for steady monthly income to help when funds for other projects run low.

The plan sounded solid but soon collapsed when Thomas discovered the house had never properly been set up as a duplex. They would need two furnaces, two electrical boxes and two HVAC units to rent the home as two separate units. An estimate of $15,000 for the additional work causes the couple to rethink their strategy. In the end, they design to make the Dollhouse a single-family home.

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Even amid their disappointments, it’s charming to see the easy chemistry between the couple. Bynum and Thomas make each other laugh and frequently exchange remarkably clever catty jabs. Bynum, the designer with a headful of dreams, often finds himself trying to be pulled back down to earth by his partner. But in the end, he usually wins, and Thomas is forced to admit Bynum was right.

For the new Dollhouse, which was originally dubbed by Bynum the BoHo House, the new plan is to take a cue from the pink exterior. Bynum, as always, is a bit whimsical when sharing his vision for the house. “Imagine dreamy pink and other bright colors, pop art inspired furniture … it’s going to be like a 10-year-old girl’s fantasy world inside,” Bynum said. When finished, they ended up putting $90,000 into the house, which totaled 1,780 square feet and has five bedrooms, and listed it for $169,000.

'Bargain Block' Recap: Minimalist and Dollhouse (2)

An after look at the dining area at the dollhouse. Photo: HGTV

The couple’s second project this week is the Minimalist House, a small two-bedroom, one-bath, 1,000-square-foot home. The front entrance has been overtaken by giant bushes that appear to have not been trimmed in a decade — maybe two. The inside of the house is somewhat better. There’s no mounds of trash or holes in the floor. All four walls are standing; the roof is in good condition.

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Bynum laments that two-bedroom houses are “not the most desirable in this market.” But Thomas points out it would be perfect for a single person’s first home. They paid $25,000 for the house and set a tight reno budget. They hope to sell it for $99,000.

As they renovate the house, the couple shows sheer ingenuity in basically using every scrap of material they can find. Leftover butcher block countertops are repurposed as a one-of-a-kind headboard. Bynum even makes a structural piece of art using leftover caulking as a sculpting agent because, if you’ve been watching, you know that’s just how resourceful and clever these guys are.

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Jason A. Michael is a senior staff writer for Between The Lines and Pride Source Media Group. He has been writing BTL since 1999. Jason is also an Essence bestselling author. He may be reached at [emailprotected].

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Did Dollhouse sell on Bargain Block? ›

The 'Bargain Block' weird house did sell, although they don't discuss this in the series. Sometimes throughout Bargain Block episodes, we see Keith and Evan work with realtor Shea Hicks-Whitfield to sell the homes that they flip.

Where do the Bargain Block guys actually live? ›

The happy couple moved to Detroit in 2017 after meeting on a dating website and decided to flip and sell homes. Eventually, they were able to expand their design empire, adding eight more people to their team, Nine Design + Homes.

Did Keith and Evan sell the Federalist house? ›

The Bargain Block finale last year showed the most expensive Keith and Evan project yet, the "Federal House." They bought it for $225k and after a price reduction it sold for $450k, not a bad return. The interesting thing is that Shea was not the agent on the sale, but she's often not the agent.

What happened to Bargain Block? ›

Bargain Block: Season Three; HGTV Home Renovation Series Renewed for 2023. Bargain Block is returning to HGTV for a third season. The cable channel has renewed the series for 10 episodes which will arrive this summer.

Why did Shea leave Bargain Block? ›

Actually, nothing happened. Shea is still on Bargain Block and is using her more than 10 years of experience as a realtor to help Evan and Keith. The episode in question where she was absent was shown on May 26. But actually, that's the pilot episode in which she had yet to make an appearance.

Will Bargain Block be back in 2023? ›

New season to debut in summer 2023. Even as winter makes its official debut in Michigan, at least HGTV has given us something to look forward to. That's right, the hit Detroit-based series “Bargain Block” is officially returning for Season 3.

Do the guys on Bargain Block get paid? ›

Moreover, on the show Bargain Block, they buy deteriorated homes for just $1,000 and renovate them with a price tag of $40,000 to $45,000. Furthermore, they sell the property within a range of $60,000 to $100,000. This indicates that they earn approximately $55,000 per house.

Do Keith and Evan do all the work themselves? ›

Since Keith and Evan shell out the cash to build by themselves and decorate the homes by themselves, they've also added in the cost of all the furniture so that you do not need to stress yourself when you purchase the house. You literally only need a key to move in and start enjoying your home. Isn't that a bargain?

Does Evan on Bargain Block have a PhD? ›

The couple dreams of restoring Detroit's iconic American neighborhoods one house at a time, stripping them to the studs and designing fully furnished starter homes. Originally from the Midwest, Evan received both his bachelor's degree and a PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Are Keith and Evan still together? ›

As the duo approaches ten years of being together and five years of being engaged, the couple still doesn't have any immediate plans to tie the knot.

Did Shea on Bargain Block have a baby? ›

'Bargain Block' Realtor Shea Hicks-Whitfield Gives Birth to a Baby Boy. Shea and her husband, Terry, welcome Beau James into the world. Bargain Block realtor Shea Hicks-Whitfield and her husband, Terry, welcomed a baby boy named Beau James Whitfield on July 29. Beau weighs 7 pounds, 15 ounces and is 20.5 inches long.

How much is Keith and Evan worth? ›

The 'Bargain Block' guys' net worth sits around $1 million each. Because Keith has been in the renovation business for more than five years, he has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million.

Do the guys on Bargain Block have their own home? ›

But in the process we learned how to scale a business.” They've finally bought a house for themselves, and their business, Nine Design + Homes, is now a team of eight that includes an architect.

How much does shea on Bargain Block make? ›

As of this writing, The Famous Info shares that Shea is currently sitting on a net worth estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million. This figure is directly linked to Shea's experience as a licensed realtor of 18 years and her hosting gig with HGTV.

Will Shea still be on Bargain Block? ›

“@Shea_Alicia started working with Keith and Evan after this — she'll be in the rest of the episodes!” As promised, Shea has been featured in all of the other episodes of the series following the airing of the pilot.

What happened to the original realtor on Bargain Block? ›

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, fans were worried about her health. But the makers of the show clarified that the realtor is safe and healthy. Responding to a fan, HGTV's official Twitter account tweeted that Shea Hicks Whitfield was not a part of the show when they shot the pilot episode.

Did the realtor on Bargain Block have her baby? ›

'Bargain Block' Realtor Shea Hicks-Whitfield Gives Birth to a Baby Boy. Shea and her husband, Terry, welcome Beau James into the world. Bargain Block realtor Shea Hicks-Whitfield and her husband, Terry, welcomed a baby boy named Beau James Whitfield on July 29. Beau weighs 7 pounds, 15 ounces and is 20.5 inches long.

Is unsellable houses fake? ›

Is 'Unsellable Houses' fake? As with most reality television programming, there is always the question of how much truth and “reality” the shows actually depict and how much is scripted or pre-planned. However, there is no question that Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are the real deal.

Who is the real estate lady on Bargain Block? ›

Real estate agent Shea Hicks-Whitfield stars alongside Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas in Bargain Block. With more than 18 years of real estate experience, she's a pro at helping people find the right home in Detroit, the city where she grew up.


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